NYCOS to launch new choir in Hamilton

NYCOS is to launch a new choir in Hamilton opening in October 2019. There are currently fourteen other Regional Choirs across Scotland, including the Edinburgh and West Lothian choirs which both recently marked their twentieth anniversaries.

Ed Milner, NYCOS Chief Executive, said: “We’re thrilled to be opening a new choir in Hamilton which will bring singing opportunities to children in North and South Lanarkshire. Our growing network of Regional Choirs are part of a progressive musical pathway to give Scotland’s young singers great singing experiences which are fun and help develop musical skills.”

All children who take part in Hamilton Wee Sing will have the opportunity to join NYCOS Hamilton Choir. Wee Sing is a completely free project that introduces children, entering Primary 4 after the summer, to singing through fun musical games. Taking place on Tuesday evenings from 3 September at Hamilton Grammar School, children will learn about pitching, rhythm and beat through interactive games and activities.

In its first year, the choir will be open to children in Primary 4 only. The choir will expand over future years to accommodate singers aged 8–18.