Resources & Publications

NYCOS has written, developed and published a series of resources for both specialist and non-specialist teachers and choir leaders.

Our resources, which are suitable for all ages, are based on the educational principles and teachings of Zoltán Kodály.

Daily Activities

During the lockdown we are posting songs, musical games and activities that you can play at home (or in school) without contact to keep developing your musicianship skills and have fun.

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Wee Summer Sing

Every Monday to Thursday from 1–26 June we will post a song or rhyme with an accompanying game for children aged 5–8. On Friday of each week, we will have a live session where we will sing all our favourites together.

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Sing & Smile for Pre-Fives

During the lockdown summer holidays we posted songs and lullabies to sing with pre-fives.

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Sing & Smile for ages 5 to 8

During the lockdown summer holidays we posted songs and rhymes with an accompanying game.

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Musicianship Training Programme

NYCOS has developed a structured and progressive musicianship training programme through singing based on the work of Zoltán Kodály. Initially developed for choir use, this programme will help establish fundamental musical skills for singers and instrumentalists alike.


NYCOS Songbooks

NYCOS Regional Choirs perform songs from the NYCOS songbooks regularly at concerts, and many copies are finding their way to all corners of the country with the songs being heard in workshops, presentations and music festivals. The second set of songbooks was launched in 2009 and is complemented by a CD of piano accompaniments.


Games Based Books

NYCOS has also published a series of games based books, which are deliverable at all stages of primary music education, and a tried and tested means of supporting a successful programme of music.


Rhythm Flashcards

Our flashcards support the development of rhythm skills. The various sets are the ideal. companion to Go for Bronze, Silver and Gold series as well as Singing Games & Rhymes for Early Years.



NYCOS publishes a range of songbooks, musicianship books, CDs and educational resources.