NYCOS Christmas Release: Until We Meet Again

NYCOS has released a collection of Christmas Carols on Signum Classics, recorded originally in 2013.

The album entitled ‘Until We Meet Again’ includes Paul Mealor’s moving I Pray with soloist Jamie MacDougall and features recordings from the National Youth Choir of Scotland and NYCOS National Children’s Choir, conducted by NYCOS Artistic Director, Christopher Bell.

Ken Walton, VoxCarnyx

a magical Christmas moment, unashamedly dewy-eyed, with a poignant message – thoughts of absent friends – for these pandemic times.

Christopher Bell says, “Paul Mealor’s I Pray is particularly poignant for this COVIDian Christmas. The text is about thinking of the people who are not with us at Christmas time. The broader reference this year could be that we all can’t be together as a family as we might normally be at Christmas (perhaps even a metaphor for NYCOS not being together in 2020), but the focus of the text is thinking of people who have passed. This has a very personal resonance for me, as my own father passed away on Christmas Day in 2017.”

Paul Mealor says, “It’s always an honour writing for Scotland’s National Youth Choir. They and Christopher bring so much musical integrity, energy and passion to their singing. This is a truly wonderful recording and, we hope, the words will resonate with all who are missing friends and family this Christmas.”

This is the fourth NYCOS release on Signum Classics this year, following an acclaimed Cantos Sagrados album, Independence Day release and St Andrew’s Day release.

The Christmas Carols are available now on major download and streaming platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and Spotify.

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I Pray
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