A COP26 message from NYCOS Midlothian Choir

At NYCOS we are always looking for additional ways to realise our Green ambitions. Many of our singers, parents of singers, and staff are really interested and supportive of this.

We previously pledged to instil in all singers and staff members the need to work on reducing their NYCOS carbon footprint whether it be travel, correct recycling, reducing the need to recycle etc. If we all work together to develop good practice, this will inevitably have a knock on effect on other parts of our lives.

To mark COP26, some of our choir members would like to share a message of hope for a more sustainable future. Thank you to NYCOS Midlothian Intermediate Choir for this wonderful contribution.

We are proud to be part of the Scottish Classical Sustainability Group (SCSG), made up of over 30 members, including large symphony orchestras, small ensembles, festivals and individual musicians from across Scotland. Collectively we are working together towards net-zero emissions and a more sustainable future in the classical music sector.

As part of the SCSG, we believe cultural organisations can play a key role in moving
towards a net-zero future. We can lead the way for change across society as well as influence,
inform and communicate with our audiences and those we engage with.

We are delighted to have helped contribute to the Scottish Classical Music Green Guide, available here: