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Sing & Smile for Pre-Fives

6–31 July 2020

Sing & Smile is a free project that uses singing to enhance children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Every Monday to Thursday from 6–31 July we will post a song for you to share with your baby or toddler. On Friday of each week, we will have a live session where we will sing all our favourites together.

Sing & Smile for Pre-Fives is run in partnership with Scottish Book Trust. This project is made possible with the support of the Wellbeing Fund.

Week One

6 – 10 July 2020
Monday - Star Light Star Bright

Roseanne has a song to make you smile about a hen. All you need is your hot potato hands and best hen-pecking voice.

Tuesday - Button You Must Wonder

Eilidh has an action song for us today. In ‘An coileachan’ we learn how to tell a little cockerel to go to sleep.

Wednesday - Are You Sleeping

You’ll need a small bouncy ball for today's activity. This song is about a swan on Columba’s Loch.

Thursday - Be Bob Babidy

Gug-gùg/Cuk-oo. Can you guess what kind of bird we’re singing about in today’s song?

Friday - Live Session 5

Join us at 9am on Friday 10 July when we will sing our favourite together.