The Choir sounds amazing, am I good enough to apply?
Everyone wonders that at some stage. You'll never know unless you apply. The concerts are extremely polished but that is a result of hard work done during the course, and it is possible for everyone to reach that standard.

How good does my sight singing have to be?
There is a myth about sight singing music that it is very difficult. It is a matter of practice, and you need to know some basic musical facts before you start. Don't let your sight singing ability deter you from applying.

Do I have to attend the whole course?

All parts of the NYCoS course are important. At the beginning you are learning new music and settling into the course structure, and if you miss the beginning you will lose a lot, perhaps never catching up. The end of the course involves the concerts which is why we are there really.

Can I leave for a day in the middle?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is - depends why? In the past people have had a hospital appointment which if missed could not be re-organised for months. Other times someone had a graduation for a day. Each case is different so is considered individually. We prefer members to come to the course and stay for the duration.

Can I do the Summer course, but not the tour later in the year?
Members must be available for all parts of the commitment. The team trains together and performs together - if members of the team disappear it affects our performance.


Why do I need to audition every year?
This is a national choir. In order to perform at the highest possible standard it needs to recruit the best singers available each year. To keep your place in the choir you need to work at maintaining and improving your vocal and musicianship skills.

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