How often does the choir meet?
The choir meets for a 6 day residential course around Easter time. Occasionally the choir will be asked to take part in other engagements throughout the year.

I live in/near Musselburgh. Can I go home at night instead of staying at Loretto?
Being in a choir is the same as being a member of a team. Everyone does things together and learns to work together so it is important that all the members stay overnight at the school.

Do I have to stay for the whole course?
Once again, the team spirit is important here. If a member is missing it affects the performance of the team. Also there is a lot of music to learn so if you missed part of the course you would not be as well prepared for the concert as everyone else.

What if no one from my school is going to the course?
We know it isn't easy to go away to a strange place where you don't know anyone else. Our house staff understand this and are very good at making everyone feel welcome. One of the great things about the National Girls Choir is the number of new friends you will meet.

What if I feel homesick?
This can happen, but there is so much to do and everyone is so friendly that you won't feel homesick for long.

What if my parents can't afford the course fee?
Don't be put off. Apply anyway and once you are offered a place you will be sent details of where your parents can apply for financial help. For further details on how to apply for funding, click here.

What do we do when we're not singing?
There is a lot to do. Loretto has games facilities, a swimming pool, TV room with videos and a quiet room for studying or reading.

Do I have to wear my school uniform?
For concerts you will be asked to buy a special blouse, which is supplied by NYCoS so that everyone looks the same. The rest of the time you can wear what you like.

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