Yohanna Ivongo

My name is Yohanna Ivongo and I am a Kenyan Musician and Music Teacher in Nairobi, Kenya. My main instrument is the trumpet, but I also enjoy playing guitar, piano and singing.

My musical journey started in the Salvation Army where I have had the privilege to perform with some of the best brass bands here in Kenya. I am also part of the Maskani big band, which is a new, exciting and very active musical adventure at the moment.

I started teaching instruments to children only a few years ago, and more recently have had the opportunity to teach classes for early years. Through this teaching I came across the Kodály approach, and I have been completely hit by the bug! It’s a great journey to be on, and I am currently working on discovering Kenyan folk songs to work in this way. We look forward to sharing some of these songs with you.


Ryan Searle (left) and Yohanna Ivongo (right)