Only a Singing Bird


Conducted by Christopher Bell, the NYCOS National Girls Choir is joined by pianists Philip Moore and Andrew West to perform a collection of choral music by Richard Rodney Bennett for female voices and piano/piano duet.

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A beautiful collection of songs, Only a Singing Bird features Michael Head’s best-known works, The Ships of Arcady and The Little Road to Bethlehem, as well as his beautifully-imagined, nostalgic song-cycle, Snowbirds. NYCoS National Girls Choir is joined by its patron and world renowned mezzo soprano, Karen Cargill and Steinway artist Philip Moore for this incredible recording. Also features works by Gary Carpenter, Ken Johnston and Stephen Deazley

  • 1-7. Snowbirds (Michael Head)
  • 8-10. The Food of Love – Book 2 (Gary Carpenter)
  • 11. A Funny Fellow (Michael Head)
  • 12. The Ships of Arcady (Michael Head)
  • 13. The Little Road to Bethlehem (Michael Head)
  • 14. The Robin’s Carol (Michael Head)
  • 15. Star Candles (Michael Head)
  • 16. Ave Maria (Michael Head)
  • 17. Bonnie Wee Thing (Ken Johnston)
  • 18. The Wind That Shakes Barley (Ken Johnston)
  • 19. The Circus (Stephen Deazley)