Kodály at Home

Kodály at Home Classes

* Embedding musicianship in choir rehearsals will now run at 11.45-12.45pm BST. *

* NYCOS TV with Christopher Bell and guests will premiere on Sunday 1 August our YouTube channel. The programme will be available to watch afterwards. *


Growing in Music Dr László N Nemes

Ear training with the relative sol-fa used as a valuable tool is the key to understanding music fully. Sol-fa provides the skill of rapid orientation in music, because it develops the fine brain-mechanism, by which a sound heard immediately evokes an internal visual notation, and a visual notation transforms internally to a sound. This is the mechanism which makes a complete musician.

These practical sessions include a lot of singing of course and will highlight the value of the relative sol-fa system in the training of musical reading, harmonic hearing and musical analysis. The use of sol-fa singing will be presented from the point of different context starting from the world of children’s songs, followed by musical examples in the modal and tonal context and finally non-tonal excerpts from the modern and contemporary music literature.


From Late Romantic to Dodecaphonic Music Dr Árpád Toth

Musicianship training classes through the repertoire of late 19th – early 20th-century music. Let’s witness together one of the biggest transformations in musical style based on Arnold Schönberg’s, Alban Berg’s and Anton Webern’s compositions.


An Introduction to Indian Music (The SaPa School from India) Bindu Subramaniam and Ambi Subramaniam

Concepts covered:

  • Understanding the basics of Indian melodic (raga) and rhythmic (tala) concepts
  • Introduction to traditional Indian vocal percussion (konnakol)
  • Introduction to Indian compositions that can be used by teachers in the classroom
  • In-depth understanding of how Indian melody is structured


Early Years and Primary Methodology Lucinda Geoghegan

Lucinda Geoghegan brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to these sessions which will cover a range of ages/stages through the week, all based on the Kodály approach. Ben Lawrence and Karen Clark will join Lucinda to deliver their own take on what helps children learn through singing games and rhythmic activities whether for individual Covid safe or group games.


Kodály for Instrumental Teachers Lynne Clark

Stand alone sessions looking at ways of incorporating Kodály-based pedagogy into instrumental teaching situations.

  1. A lot from a little. Ideas for using simple material to lay the foundations for lots of future musical understanding.
  2. Don’t forget to sing! Kodály recognised that everyone has their own musical instrument…and it’s free!  This wonderful resource is often under-used in instrumental lessons so let’s explore how to make the most of it.
  3. Happy harmonic hearing. Higher grade aural tests often include recognition and identification of cadences and modulations. Practical ways to help students face these challenges.
  4. Beat botheration. Keeping a beat should be so simple…but is it? Has the pupil really internalised the pulse?….and what about compound time and irregular time signatures?!
  5. Whole class instrumental tuition…what next? How to help pupils move from the relative comfort of whole class tuition into small, mixed-ability group lessons.


Warming up a choir or individual – what all should we be ‘warming up’ Wilma MacDougall

Fun and accessible warm-ups whether online or in-person. Useful ideas to take away with video demonstrations and online resource material to help you build your own. The main focus will be on the positive impact good posture and efficient breath control have on singing, with some technical ideas to help improve legato line and clear articulation.


Embedding Musicianship in the Choir Rehearsal Michael Bradshaw

In this interactive session, Michael will give you an insight into the recent programme he performed with his whole-school choir (High School), looking at some of the musicianship tasks that were set, and the thinking and goals behind these tasks. He will show some clips from a performance given just before the current lockdown in Sydney.


Signed Singing Dr Paul Whittaker OBE

Paul is an inspirational speaker, musician, performer and workshop leader who is profoundly deaf. For 30 years he has been entertaining and educating people about music and deafness across the UK and beyond, at schools and colleges, conferences and theatres, courses and training events. Paul will give you a taste of music, signed song, laughter and deaf awareness in his own inimitable style.


The Boys Changing Voice Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell, as Artistic Director of NYCOS, has spent many years leading NYCOS National Boys Choir. He brings us useful information for boys, choir directors and parents before and during voice changes.


Working with a Community Choir Dr Árpád Toth

Árpád has over 20 years experience in working wth community choirs and the choir he founded  in 2004 named Cikszerdaa has become so popular that it has grown to become the largest community choir in Hungary, with 500 members and various subgroups.  He  is founder and artistic director of the famous “Night of the Choirs” which takes place every year in Budapest.  Come and find out more about the improvisation techniques that he uses.

Evening Events


NYCOS TV with Christopher BellSunday 1 August

NYCOS TV with Christopher Bell in conversation with László Nemes, James Cuskelly and Lucinda Geoghegan. Join us for the live premiere on our YouTube channel. The programme will be available to watch afterwards.


West Side Story with Allan WrightTuesday 2 August

Allan Hubert Wright brings us his expert insight into one of the greatest milestones of music theatre – West Side Story.


Hannah Rarity and FriendsWednesday 3 August

Hannah Rarity and friends join us from her studio to bring us some of her beautiful songs.


NYCOS SingersThursday 4 August

NYCOS Singers Lorna Murray, Cameron Nixon and Holly Jarvis entertain us with mixture of classical, traditional and music theatre pieces.


Music without the StandsFriday 5 August

Join Richard Michael, jazz piano and improvisation teacher, for an hour of improvising riffs, learning tunes by ear and singing harmony parts without the dots! A great way to finish the week.


Booking for this event has now closed.


Education Partner

The Kodály Summer School is supported by our Education Partner, NASUWT Scotland.