Kodály at Home

Kodály at Home Classes


Early Years Matters

– Lucinda Geoghegan

“Only the best is good enough” – Zoltán Kodály.

There is too often a perception that when children are young anything will do – just sing a few songs. Nothing could be further from the truth – it is vitally important that we get it right in early years and it will create a solid foundation for future musical development.

Songs from Scotland

– Eilidh MacKenzie and Fiona Hunter

Gaelic Scotland has a rich and varied canon of traditional song with everything from work songs, to laments to high-spirited vocal dance accompaniment. Eilidh’s introductory session to the vast Gaelic repertoire will deliver some background information on the material itself as well as teaching some songs suitable for different ages and stages. Fiona Hunter has been working and teaching in the Scots song tradition for many years and is one of the leading exponents in the field. Here she brings us some good examples of what is appropriate repertoire for working with children in schools or other settings.

Introduction to Colourstrings

– Yvonne Wyroslawska

This session will give an overview of Colourstrings for children from 0-7 years, looking at how singing, music-making and movement is used to develop vital pre-instrumental skills.  Suitable for anyone interested in the Colourstrings approach, early years, or instrumental teachers planning to attend the violin or cello sessions.

Choral Improvisation

– Árpád Tóth

Let’s explore together those choral pieces, which give freedom to the performers at various points. How to perform or practice those unusual effects? What is exactly what the singers have to do? Don’t be anxious about giving some freedom to your singers!



Kodály in the Primary Classroom SOLD OUT

– Lucinda Geoghegan and Karen Clark

Singing Games and activities for the non-contact classroom.
Lucinda Geoghegan and Karen Clark will explore the use of “non-contact” games which can be used as a springboard to musical learning.  This session will include suitable material for primary age children, creation of suitable movement activity and how to recycle your material for effective learning.

Songs from Ireland

– Lorraine O Connel and Geraldine Relph

A group of musicians and educators will bring us a variety of songs from Ireland – tried and tested in the Primary Classroom and all useful in support of a Kodály Inspired music curriculum

Exploring the Singing Rascals: Colourstrings repertoire

– Yvonne Wyroslawska.

This practical session will look at the Singing Rascals books which form the core repertoire in the Colourstrings approach 

Tools to keep you singing

– Allan Hubert Wright

How to check if your voice is fatigued or not and then some practical daily exercises to condition the voice and keep it working.



Kodály in the Secondary Classroom

James Cuskelly

Connecting the upper primary and lower secondary music classroom: It’s not always about starting again! 

Songs from Wales

Phil Gault

Phil brings us some songs from Wales which can be used to support Kodály teaching in schools.

Colourstrings Violin

Géza Szilvay

A great opportunity to benefit from the immense knowledge and experience of the co founder of the Helsinki Strings.  In this session Gézá will focus on Shifting  (changing position) in the Colourstrings system.

Warm ups for classroom or choir

Wilma MacDougall

Wilma will guide you to build your own personal toolkit of posture, breathing, good vocal health as well as the meantal focus before starting your work, whether in classroom or choir.  These skills are transferrable to your pupils/choir members requirements.



Musicians not Technicians

James Cuskelly

James will explore the topic of musicianship being essential for instrumentalists and how we might approach repertoire by starting with singing.

Songs from England

Lynne Clark

A brief look at some examples of English Folk Songs to discover the potential of these characterful pieces. Wonderful starting points to help unlock the understanding of several musical elements.

Colourstrings Cello

Csaba Szilvay

In this session, Csaba Szilvay will give a short synopsis of Cello in the Colourstrings System.  Reading material will be available in advance.

Boys Changing Voice

Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell, as Artistic Director of NYCOS, has spent many years leading NYCOS National Boys Choir. He brings us useful information for boys, choir directors and parents before and during voice changes.



Songs and Games from South East Asia

– Susanna Saw

Susanna brings her many years of experience as a choral leader and educator and some new songs and games we probably won’t have seen before!  Susanna was instrumental in bringing Kodály Training to Malaysia and has collected a wealth of traditional songs to use in the classroom or choir. 

Songs from the Isle of Man

– Ruth Keggin

Ruth will share some Manx songs which she has collected as part of her own Kodály journey and which will be very useful to support a Kodály programme in your school.

Colourstrings Discussion

Our Colourstrings presenters will answer your questions about what happens next!

Singing, singing, singing

– László Nemes

The topic of this session revolves around the role of musical learning and singing from the perspective of young people’s emotional and intellectual development. It seeks to demonstrate the impact of singing on physical and mental health in general and presents research results on the transfer effect of singing-based music education. 



Education Partner

The Kodály Summer School is supported by our Education Partner, NASUWT Scotland.