One of the core objectives of NYCoS is to provide training, support and resources for those who direct choral singing and deliver vocal education, whether in a formal or informal setting. Take a look at our current training opportunities.

Our belief is that singing and musicianship go hand in hand, and that the singing/education experience should start as early as possible in a child's life.

NYCoS has a dedicated team of education trainers, headed by the Artistic Director and Education Consultant, who work throughout the country and further afield. All our staff, including NYCoS Mini Music Maker leaders as well as tutors working in schools and NYCoS choir staff have trained using Kodály methodology.

Research has shown that good music education involving active singing participation will not only help develop musical skills but will also enhance numerical, social and linguistic skills. NYCoS has developed a range of musicianship resources and songbooks which support the learning process, all based on Kodály principles.

“The smaller the child, the more easily it learns, the less it forgets”
Zoltán Kodály

For more information about education projects, contact
NYCoS Head of Education and Outreach Carole Allen.

Education Director

Lucinda Geoghegan is NYCoS Education Director.

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