Area Choirs

NYCoS Area Choirs are part of the National Youth Choir of Scotland, the organisation dedicated to encouraging singing for young people aged 0-25. From tiny tots learning in our Mini Music Makers classes to young adults giving critically-acclaimed performances as part of the flagship National Choir, our expert staff help young singers reach their full potential.

As well as being fun, singing together in a NYCoS choir has many benefits, including:

    • gaining a musical education
    • socialising and making friends
    • boosting confidence by performing

What happens at NYCoS Area Choir rehearsals?

In the first year, choir meets for 1 hour every week during term time, where they learn and sing together with other children their age. In years after this increases to a 2.5 - 3 hour rehearsal per week.

But being part of a NYCoS Area Choir isn't just about singing in a group; our unique musicianship programme helps to develop skills such as learning to read music, pitching, rhythm, sound production, solo singing and simple theory.

There are concerts for family and friends twice a year, where choir members showcase all they have learned.

NYCoS Awards Programme
Our awards programme offers progression through its three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, which chart choir members' development as they work towards goals - ultimately providing a real sense of achievement. A Gold level pass can be used as a substitute for ABRSM Grade 5 Theory to take further ABRSM practical exams.

How much does a membership cost?
The annual membership for Junior Choir is £140 - less than £4.5 per week. If cost is an issue, don't be put off as, thanks to our supporters, financial assistance is available.

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There are 14 NYCoS Area Choirs across Scotland, select your closest from the drop down list on the right hand side to find out more details.

How to Join

Our free half-hour workshops are a fun and informal way to try out singing and games with others (where possible, with children from the same school). Our staff will then assess each singer's potential for membership to the choir.


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Please read our FAQs for more information. Any further enquiries should be directed to Area Choirs Manager Lorna Rudden.



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