Songbooks 2

Following the success of our 2006 tenth anniversary commissions, singbronze, singsilver and singgold, the National Youth Choir of Scotland has, for a second time, commissioned each of ten composers with a strong Scottish connection to write three songs.

The songs are suitable for young people to sing and meet certain criteria of range, rhythm and pitch. The Bronze song is pentatonic, the Silver song is diatonic with no accidentals and the Gold song is diatonic with accidentals. Once again the composers have responded with fascinating songs in a variety of interesting styles, with suitable and stimulating texts.

Singbronze 2

Singbronze! songs are pentatonic, with simple rhythms.

Sally Beamish - Bully Cat
Tom Cunningham - Nearly There
Stephen Deazley - Sing Me a Song of a Lad
John Maxwell Geddes - Water Music
John Hearne - This Auld Witch
Ken Johnston - The Wind that Shakes the Barley
David Paul Jones - A Lonely Ghost Boy
Alasdair Nicolson - Why Not Stop?
Sheena Phillips - Frog Music
Oliver Searle - Beneath the Bracken


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Singsilver 2

Singsilver! songs are diatonic, with no accidentals.

Sally Beamish - My Cat Dreams
Tom Cunningham - Bogle Boogie
Stephen Deazley - The Circus
John Maxwell Geddes - Witch's Song
John Hearne - Laying Down the Laws of Motion
Ken Johnston - Portrait of a House
David Paul Jones - Dreaming
Alasdair Nicolson - Before I Went to Bed
Sheena Phillips - I Once Went a-Courting
Oliver Searle - On a Summer Night


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Singgold 2

Singgold! songs are diatonic, with simple accidentals.

Sally Beamish - Cat: A List
Tom Cunningham - Up in the Morning Early!
Stephen Deazley - The Ears of Mr. Tuer
John Maxwell Geddes - The Battle o' Langside
John Hearne - There's a Bully in my Locker
Ken Johnston - Holyrood
David Paul Jones - Thou Gloomy December
Alasdair Nicolson - One Day Upon the Hill
Sheena Phillips - The Contest of the Holly and the Ivy
Oliver Searle - Swans on the Wing

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Songbooks 2 CD

Piano accompaniments for all three songbooks can be found on this cd.


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