NYCoS has always put training, whether it is for staff working with NYCoS Area Choirs or tutors working in schools through YMI as a top priority. We want to help provide continuity of input at every level.

NYCoS works in a variety of ways to support music education at all levels. Individual schools, clusters, childcare or other informal sector organisations can all be catered for. We are also working towards an accredited postgraduate Kodály qualification and input at undergraduate level.

Year on year, NYCoS has received resoundingly positive feedback on its training events along with demands for more. A Scottish Arts Council specialist advisor attended the training weekend in Inverness last year. This is part of his report:

Overall, the organisation places quality at the heart of all its activities, and this is reflected strongly in how it goes about organising and delivering its training events. The content of the programme was excellent and entirely relevant to the needs of the participants; the quality of the tutors was impressive; the management of the event very professional; and the delivery and presentation of the event was well-gauged to suit the expectations of the participants.

NYCoS is a registered CPD Provider with Education Scotland.

See our current training events.

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