Local Authority Partnerships

Over the last 12 years, NYCoS has developed programmes supporting singing across Scotland and beyond, many of these in partnership with local authorities. Since the advent of Youth Music Initiative, the scheme funded originally by the Scottish Executive in 2003/2004, and continued most recently by the Scottish Government with funding available up to 2011, NYCoS has been working hard to support vocal instruction across the country. 
Very few local authorities were employing peripatetic singing teachers, the provision of the primary music specialist service varied across the country, and many class teachers lacked the confidence to deliver the music education aspect of the curriculum. With the demise of hymn singing at assemblies, and with patchy choral activity existing across the country, it was obvious that something would have to be done.

Local authorities have used their Formula Funding to create a huge range of opportunities which work towards the target of all school children in Scotland having access to one year’s free music tuition by the time they reach Primary 6. In Glasgow for example, NYCoS tutors are employed to deliver Go for Bronze at Primary 3 level in schools across the city and also to work with the choirs at Voice Factory on a Saturday morning at City Halls. In East Lothian, West Lothian and East Dunbartonshire, NYCoS staff work with after school choirs. In Fife, over 1300 staff have had at least one day’s training based on the Singing Games and Rhymes publications.

The emphasis in all our partnerships is to aim for continuity, rather than provide a one-off event. There are very few local authorities where NYCoS has not delivered training, ongoing support and resources, whether for specialist or non-specialist staff and, as a national organisation, our mission is to have a visible and constructive presence in all parts of Scotland, and to help reinvigorate the vocal traditions that the country can be proud of.


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