There are 14 NYCoS Area Choirs across Scotland. Children are recruited from P3 upwards. Eligibility to apply for a choir is dependent on which Local Authority Area your child attends school in. Please see the list below to find out where we currently have choirs.

East Dunbartonshire (Boys)
Isle of Lewis
Perth (Boys)
West Lothian


What happens at the recruitment workshop?

Our half hour workshops are a fun and informal way to try out singing with others. Small groups, wherever possible with other children from the same school, take part in some simple singing games.

How to sign up

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Leaflets/application forms go out to the Local Authorities in early spring of each year. In schools where there is a music specialist, P3 children will be heard and where appropriate children will be given a leaflet inviting them to apply for the workshop with the Area Choir staff. Children selected from this workshop will then be invited to the choir. Where there is no music specialist, the head teacher is asked to give all children in P3 a leaflet to take home in order for them to apply for the workshop. Application forms are available from the NYCoS office if a school does not have any.


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