Is there a choir in my area that my child can go to?
There are 14 NYCoS Area Choirs across Scotland, including two boys choirs. Use the drop down list of Area Choirs on the right to see where we currently have choirs.

What age does my child have to be to join a NYCoS Area Choir?
Children are normally recruited at the end of P3 for entry at P4. Please see the individual choir pages for details. Older children are accepted into the choirs, but this is dependant on factors such as their age, vocal quality and ability to read music.

What happens at the recruitment workshop?
Our half hour workshops are a fun and informal way to try out singing with others. Small groups take part in some simple singing games. Please see the choir’s individual page to sign up for a recruitment workshop in your local area.

How often does the choir meet?

The choirs meet each week during term time for rehearsals - a total of 30 weeks each year.

What day and time does the choir meet?

Each choir meets on different days and at different times. Click on the choir you are interested in to find out more.

East Dunbartonshire Boys Choir
Isle of Lewis
Perth Boys Choir
West Lothian

How long is a rehearsal?
Rehearsals last from 1 hour at Junior Choir stage up to 2.5 - 3 hours for older children.

What do the children sing?
The children sing music appropriate for their age and voice that is also enjoyable. This is drawn from their own cultural background and from around the world.

Who takes the choir?
Each area choir is led by a Choir Director, supported by music staff. All of our music staff are qualified musicians and are required to undergo an Enhanced Disclosure with NYCoS. Each choir will also have a Coordinator at local level. Further information about the choir directors and staff can be found on the choirs' individual pages.


What happens if my child decides to leave the choir?
We understand children may leave choir during the year for a number of reasons and operate the following refund policy.

In the first year of membership you will receive a full refund with no administration fee if membership is cancelled within four weeks of the choir start date.

For memberships in their second and subsequent years refunds will be issued following according to the sliding scale below less a £10 administration fee.


Cancellation received by Percentage of fee refunded
6th week of choir rehearsals 80%
8th week of choir rehearsals 60%
10th week of choir rehearsals 20%
12th week of choir rehearsals 10%
after 12th week of choir rehearsals Nil

Cancelations should be made in writing to [email protected] or to Area Choir Manager, NYCoS, The Mitchell, North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN.

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