NYCoS have a proven track record of delivering results for sponsors, including a four-year partnership with Dunfermline Building Society, which was awarded the Arts & Business Arts & Young People Award. Current supporters include NASUWT, the largest teachers union in the UK.

Impress your Clients

“If Scotland has a better choir, I haven’t heard it.” The Herald

The National Choirs perform with a maturity and intensity to match any professional group. In addition they bring an infectious energy and enthusiasm to the stage that is guaranteed to inspire your guests.

Reach out to your Community

The NYCoS Area Choirs offer a rare opportunity to make a tangible difference to local communities. Located across Scotland, your support would reach beyond choir members to parents, carers, grandparents and the wider community, creating a positive message about your business. Our Area Choirs are regularly invited to local functions and could even perform at a reception for your clients and staff.

Offer something new to staff

We know how important people are to your business and can offer creative ways to involve your staff in our partnership from inviting a choir to perform at your offices, to participating in one of our workshops.

Make a difference

“My son came along as a rather nervous, inexperienced singer – and came home full of enthusiasm, self-esteem, and a great sense of achievement” A National Boys Choir parent, April 2010.

Music really does change lives. As well as learning skills in performance and musicianship, the young people who attend our choirs make new friends, lose their inhibitions and build self-confidence. With your support NYCoS can make singing accessible to every young person in Scotland.

To discuss how we might work together to achieve our common goals, please contact admin, tel: 0141 287 2856.

Glasgow City Council