Ryan Searle

I’m Ryan, and I am currently teaching music out here in Nairobi, Kenya alongside my teaching partner Yohana Ivongo, and a host of other wonderful musicians who I’ve been privileged to meet here.

I have been fortunate to have a really enjoyable and varied musical background, from playing in funk, soul and jazz bands, through to touring with musical theatre productions, recording a lot in the studio, and even the occasional orchestral gig thrown in. I also trained as a sound engineer, delving into some film postproduction and studio work along the way.

When I started my teacher training about six years ago, I met a pair of fantastic people doing this ‘Kodály thing’ (thank-you Jay Stannard and Clare ‘Fluff’ Smith), and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m still very much on the beginning of the journey, but it’s been great sharing ideas over here in Kenya and searching out some amazing music. We look forward to sharing some of it with you!


Ryan Searle and Yohanna Ivongo