Csaba Szilvay

Csaba Szilvay, born in Hungary, is a worldwide renowned cello pedagogue and – together with his brother Géza – founder and long-term conductor of the Helsinki Strings. He studied the cello at the Béla Bartók Conservatory and the Budapest Music Academy as a student of professor Antal Friss. After having received his diploma in Budapest in 1970 he studied at the famous Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Prof. Erkki Rautio.

Csaba Szilvay has taught the cello at the Jyväskylä Conservatory in Finland from 1971 to 1976, the East Helsinki Music Institute since 1976, and the Sibelius Academy since 1978.

Csaba Szilvay and his brother Géza Szilvay have gained international recognition both as string pedagogues and as conductors and educators of children’s and youth orchestras. They are authors of the Colourstrings method based on Zoltán Kodály’s philosophy, which at present comprises 40 publications, and they have given hundreds of lectures on this teaching method and philosophy all over the world.

In recognition of their work for youth culture they were awarded the Knight Order of the Finnish Lion in 1981, The Culture Prize of Finland in 1983, The Hungarian State Award for Cultural Activity in 1990, the Culture Prize of Helsinki and the Fazer Music Prize in 1995, the Pro Musica Award in 1999, and the International Kodály Prize in 2007.The President of Finland decorated him with the White Rose Knighthood in 2011 and he received the Hungarian State Award (Magyar Érdemrend Tisztikereszt) from the President of Hungary in 2013.