This is Your Song


This is Your Song is a series of free songwriting workshops for ages 9–12 to help you find your inner songwriter.

Many musicians channel their feelings and thoughts into their music and find the process enhances their mental health and wellbeing. Don’t just take out word for it, Ed Sheeran says “any time I’ve ever got down or ever felt low the one thing that picks me up from that is writing a song about it”.

Every afternoon we will run composition workshops led by Carol Laula, Stuart Kidd and Karen Clark, who will help participants to record their own original song to share with family and friends. These workshops are open to all musical abilities and the ability to play or read music is not essential.

14:00– 16.00
Monday 9 to Friday 13 August (daily)
Howden Park Centre, Livingston

This is a Youth Music Initiative funded project from NYCOS, Scotland’s youth singing organisation.

Workshop Leaders


Carol Laula has been a Singer/Songwriter for over thirty years. She has released eight studio albums and toured extensively, worldwide. Alongside writing and realising her own music, Laula works with many organisations, sharing and encouraging songwriting skills with groups of all ages.

Carol says, “For me, the pleasure is not only the song, but in the process of creating the song; to see the sheer joy in someone’s face when they are able to say, “that’s mine, I made that up”. That ownership and achievement, for me, is the #micdropmoment!


Karen Clark has worked extensively for NYCOS, delivering Kodály education workshops in schools across Scotland, as well as teaching musicianship and conducting at NYCOS West Lothian Choir. She is also the coordinator of several NYCOS projects, including the Active Learning programme for Early Years and the Wee Sing choir for P3 pupils across Scotland.

Karen is also a musicianship lecturer at the RCS Junior Conservatoire and the RSNO Junior Chorus and has also delivered musicianship at Big Noise, Raploch.


Stuart Kidd has over 20 years experience of live performance and as a session musician, playing and recording with groups like The Wellgreen, BMX Bandits, St Deluxe and Snowgoose among others.

He has also co-written and produced albums by The Wellgreen, Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab and BMX Bandits, as well as written and released a number of his own albums. He lectures at University of the West of Scotland and runs various community music songwriting groups around the Glasgow and Stirling areas.

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