NYCOS Mini Music Makers – Glasgow

Child - £24.00 per block

Music has an extremely positive effect on a child’s development. Our sessions for babies and toddlers use singing, movement and play to support cognitive, language and motor skills. The emphasis is on fun: tickling games, bouncing songs and lullabies which bring music to life.

Led by Rosanne Brackenridge, our weekly 40-minute classes provide you and your child the opportunity to make and enjoy music together in a fun and friendly setting. These playful sessions are an engaging introduction to music and provide quality time between parent and child that is so precious in today’s busy world.


Block 1: 21 Aug – 11 Sep 2021
Block 2: 18 Sep, 2, 9, 23 Oct


0 – 4 years: 1.30 – 2.10pm SOLD OUT
4 – 7 years: 2.30am – 3.10pm
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