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Mini Music Makers Bathgate

Ages: 0 - 5

Music has an extremely positive effect on a child’s development. Our sessions for babies and toddlers use singing, movement and play to support cognitive, language and motor skills. The emphasis is on fun: tickling games, bouncing songs and lullabies which bring music to life.

Our weekly 40-minute classes provide you and your child the opportunity to make and enjoy music together in a fun and friendly setting. These playful sessions are an engaging introduction to music and provide quality time between parent and child that is so precious in today’s busy world.


“My son started these classes as a baby and loved them so much we continued attending until he started nursery school. I am in no doubt that his love of music and song started here. I also saw real benefits in terms of his language development and him learning to share and interact with others.”

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These playful sessions are great value and provide some of that quality time between parent and child that can be so precious in today’s busy world.



At Mini Music Makers the main emphasis is on learning subconsciously through fun activities. Your child is sure to enjoy participating in circle games with parachutes, singing songs with puppets, tapping drums and shaking shakers with the group. You and your child will learn a range of new bouncing and tickling songs, nursery rhymes and circle games that you can take away and enjoy at home too.

Benefits for your child

The structured NYCOS method offers your child a progressive journey through musical learning. Research in this area has shown that early musical activity can have huge benefits in many areas of child development including language, motor skills, memory and concentration. At Mini Music Makers your child will be given access to these benefits whilst having fun and interacting with other children.

Benefits for you

This is not only an opportunity to develop your bond with your child as you explore music together, but it is a chance for you to meet and socialise with like-minded parents of other young children in a relaxed environment.


Our enthusiastic class leaders are fully trained in the unique NYCOS method of early years music education, based on the teachings of Hungarian Composer and Educator Zoltán Kodály. Our leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and are a mix of nursery teachers, music specialists and freelance professional musicians.

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Financial assistance is now available for NYCOS Mini Music Makers. We can cover up to 100% of the cost of the classes, just follow the link on the booking page to apply.


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Sarah grew up surrounded by music, and started playing piano at the age of four. At school she sang in choirs and learned to play the cello, before being introduced to her first love, percussion! After studying music for five years at university, Sarah started teaching percussion, and has been a percussion instructor in West Lothian since 2001.  She still enjoys Mini Music Makers classes with her young son, and after seeing how much he benefited from them, she felt inspired to become a Mini Music Makers Leader herself.  She is looking forward to introducing other little ones to music.