Kodály Summer School

Certificate Courses in Kodály Education

These new courses have been devised to be more in line with what is happening nationally and internationally. More and more people want to travel and pick up different levels whilst attending other summer schools. The modules internationally focus on AGE development – so by doing all three levels there is a deeper understanding of a structured programme throughout primary and secondary school. These levels will also be delivered by the British Kodály Academy and have successfully been delivered in Australia for many years. The Australian Kodály Certificate is also delivered in Malaysia, Hong Kong and will be delivered soon in Singapore. Below is an outline of how the certificate works:

Primary Level One: Will focus on 4 to 7 year old children
Primary Level Two: Will focus on 7 to 9 year old children
Primary Level Three: Will focus on 9 to 11 year old children

Secondary Level One: Will focus on Years One and Two
Secondary Level Two: Will focus on Years Three and Four
Secondary Level Three: Will focus on Years Five and Six

Each level in ALL courses consists of 6 modules (60 hours) as follows:

  1. Methodology  (15 hours)
  2. Materials  (5 hours)
  3. Teaching Practicum (5 hours)
  4. Musicianship (15 hours)
  5. Song Leading/Conducting (10  hours)
  6. Ensemble/Choir (10 hours)


Subject Assessment Marks awarded
Choir / Ensemble Attendance only Complete or incomplete
Musicianship Written and aural tests Some assessments completed in class and some individual assessment Graded
HD: High Distinction
D: Distinction
M: Merit
P: Pass
F: Fail
Song Leading
Leading / Conducting a song at the appropriate developmental level Graded: HD to F
Methodology Written lesson plan:
1st: One song/Activity (taught in practicum
2nd : a 15 minute section of a plan with a clear focus on presentation of a concept
(taught in practicum –3rd: a 40 minute lesson plan – written only
Graded HD to F
Materials Memorisation of core 10 songs / rhymes appropriate to developmental level
Written and aural assessment during class time
Graded HD to F
Teaching practicum Teaching song/concept according to the methodology plans submitted – assessments during practicum class Graded HD to F


PLEASE NOTE: The certificate classes are open to anyone and certification is optional.



Education Partner

The Kodály Summer School is supported by our Education Partner, NASUWT Scotland.