I Landed with Seven Men

The partnership of great melody and strong words makes songs very memorable, and the idea of learning and absorbing important aspects of history through song is a powerful one.

In this short cantata, five Scots songs associated with Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rebellion are placed in their historical context with short narrations.

These well known songs can be performed in any combination in their own right, with new arrangements by Ken Johnston, or performed as a whole with narration to make a 20 minute concert piece.

Johnnie Cope is a brand new setting, and the other four pieces use the recognised traditional tunes.

    * Charlie is My Darling
    * Johnnie Cope
    * Wi' A Hundred Pipers
    * Skye Boat Song
    * Will Ye No' Come Back Again?

A CD of the accompaniment is included.

Also available in Choral Score – just the vocal lines.

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