IKS 2015 / NYCoS Summer School

22nd International Kodály Symposium

Singing, Singing, Singing
The core of musical expression

Hosted by the National Youth Choir of Scotland under the auspices of the International Kodály Society

The annual NYCoS Summer School will run alongside the IKS Symposium. Further details available soon.

The 22nd International Kodály Symposium takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 3rd-7th August 2015.

The Symposium includes:

• Keynotes
• Workshops
• Papers
• Demonstration Lessons
• Daily Musicianship
• Communal Singing
• Performances

Keynote Presenters:

• James MacMillan, Scotland
• László Nemes, Hungary
• Christopher Bell, Scotland
• Miriam Factora, Philippines



Kodály the Choral Composer:
   Choral Music and Choral Literature in the 21st Century
Kodály the Scholar:
   Ethnomusicology and musicology in the service of music education in
   the 21st Century
Kodály the Educator:
   Changing the paradigm in music education
Kodály the Visionary:
   Personal and Cultural transformation
Kodály in History:
   Life and work

Call for Submissions

We invite delegates to present research papers, workshops, rehearsals and other musical and academic topics related to the five themes above.

Closing date for submissions: 31st December 2014. Please send to Lucinda Geoghegan, Education Director, National Youth Choir of Scotland [email protected]



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